Facts on Free Drum Kits and Best Method To Obtain High Quality Drum Kits for Free!

Drums are perhaps the most important aspect to any beat or song. If you are limiting yourself to only the basic drums, you are at a severe disadvantage. There are many free drum kits available online, but the majority of them are of poor quality and selection. You must be careful and do your research when looking for drum kits for free.

If you are still new to producing your own music, let me explain a little bit what digital percussion kits are. Drum kits are collections of real recorded drum sounds that you can use for your music. They include, but are not limited to, snare drums, bass drums, Tom drums, hi-hats, and cymbal crashes. Also specialty sounds like claps, cowbells, wooden blocks, and many other sounds. Percussion kits also come in many different styles of music such as, Hip-Hop, rock, metal, classical, country, blues, jazz, alternative, soul, and techno, along with many other types. Of course when looking for free drum kits, you want to make sure that your sound quality and selection is good. Many people usually check in producer forums such as RocBattle.com

But as I have said, quality of sound is very important when looking for drum kits for free. Most free drum kits have sound that is muffled, unrecognizable, or just plain inaccurate. If you are trying to produce quality music with poor quality sounds, your end results will also be poor quality. There is already too much poor quality music as it is. Just as in cooking, if you use the best ingredients, you will have better quality food. As true for music, if you use the best quality sounds, you will have better quality music.

Most music producing software only comes with basic kits, as I have stated earlier. This limits your possibilities for different kinds of sounds and music. The more drum kits and sounds you have to choose from, the more unique and original you can make your beats or music. And as everyone in the music industry knows uniqueness and originality is very important.

I have been producing my own music for over 8 years now. Over those eight years I have searched and searched for many different free percussion kits. There are many out there, but as I said, most of them are of poor quality and selection. Many sound click profiles for many producers sell their own percussion kits but you run the risk of not enjoying what you've purchase.I didn't have much luck although I did find some great material on YouTube. There are also many other drum kits you can download for free on YouTube compiled by many popular producers from SoundClick.

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Perhaps the best Free Drum Kits I have ever found was from Jason at his website right here. The quality and selection was by far way above average. If you are looking for some high quality free drum kits to take your music onto the next level, that is something I would definitely check out.

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