New or used - semis for trucking company

It definitely isn't easy to answer the question about what type of truck to purchase, a new one or a used one. The difference boils down not only to new or used semi financing, but also to a few additional aspects which used semi financing seems rather a minor problem among. One of the significant restrictions is law - the government introduces newer and newer changes to the law determining how old trucks may be used, pollution norms, so on and so forth. As a result, a lot of the cheapest trucks might be impossible to use in practice. That's another trap in used semi financing. However, it's no enough to forget about the financial factor. People strictly have to think about all possible savings if they want to keep the business profitable. Trucking market doesn't belong to the easiest. In point of fact, there are many similar companies these days and introducing new ones to the market might therefore be problematical. The things is that it truly is difficult to distinguish the new company from the already existing ones. Price competition also isn't easy - the costs of transportation are equal at all companies, thereupon - apparently - the only thing is logistics. And the equipment, however this might quickly turn against the company. Too old used semis could be expensive in maintenance - service and repairs hardly ever are for free. There really are difficult problems to solve and the beginning trucking companies managers are going to spend many days and nights thinking how to make ends meet.

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